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Shenzhen FanBlower Electric Co., Ltd. is one of the top fan manufactuer in China, located in GuangMing district Shenzhen city registered in 2013, from a workshop since 2008, wholely own a factory, Dongguan FanBlower Electric Co. Ltd located in Changan town Dongguan city.

Our registered brand, FB-M&F. Main products are including Centrifugal Fans, Duct Blowers, Axial Fans, Ventilation Fans and Parts, widely and successfully used in fields including radiator equipment, air purifier, new air system, building's ventilation system, dryer,humidifier, sweeper, LCD AD player, FFU unit,rail transit train, radiating system of car, brake pump of car and so on.The factory offers OEM,ODM service and buyer Label as well.

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Field Application of Duct Blower for Hum..

Many cases of field application in industrial humidifier have us be trusted by more and more humidifier customers. The humidifiers usually use axial fans or duct blowers. In FanBlower we offer special duct blower which is BLDC double inlet duct centrifugal blower.